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Tegile IntelliStack for VDI
Combine Compute, Fabric, Storage, and Virtualization into a Single Architecture

Tegile IntelliStack for VDI

IntelliStack solutions combine compute, fabric, storage, and virtualization into a single architecture so you can simplify deployment, eliminate risk and get lightning-fast performance without compromising features or functionality.

IT shops everywhere are under pressure to improve quality of service while reducing costs and increasing operating efficiency. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to accomplish. Adding IT infrastructure components piecemeal is time-consuming, expensive and introduces complexity and risk. Converged-infrastructure (CI) solutions have the potential to simplify your deployment. But most CI solutions on the market today either include older, slower storage or they are too expensive and force you to compromise on features.

Only Tegile IntelliStack solutions can help you simplify deployment, eliminate risk, and give you lightning-fast performance without forcing you to compromise on features. Using proven, best-in-class technologies from Tegile, Cisco and VMware, IntelliStack solutions combine compute, fabric, storage and virtualization into a single architecture. All of the components are pre-validated and optimized to work together seamlessly, creating a complete solution stack that includes everything you need to quickly, easily and affordably deploy a flash-based IT infrastructure.

IntelliStack solutionsCompromise Nothing

Don't get stuck with a solution stack that can't evolve to meet your future needs. Unlike other CI solutions, IntelliStack solutions are available in both all-flash and hybrid configurations, giving you unprecedented flexibility. As your environment grows, you can easily add capacity in the form of hard disks and flash drives to any configuration.

Don't be forced into buying multiple storage systems or a NAS gateway to support block and file-level storage. Unlike other CI solutions, IntelliStack solutions support both block and NAS protocols, enabling you to host VMs and virtual desktops, business-critical applications and user data all from a single solution.

Don't settle for CI solutions that lack inline compression or deduplication. Tegile storage uses both data reduction techniques to reduce the storage footprints in VDI environments by up to 90%.

Eliminate the Guesswork

VDI deployments can be daunting. There are lots of software, storage and server components, and you may not have specialized IT staff or time to deal with the complexity. IntelliStack solutions have been pre-integrated, pre-configured, pre-tested so you can simplify your deployment and eliminate risk. They also include a detailed reference architecture to help you get the most out of your investment.

IntelliStack for VDI

VDI has the potential to greatly simplify desktop management, reduce IT costs and give end users access to their computing environment from anywhere, on any device. However, realizing VDI's true potential can prove elusive. Without the right infrastructure in place, it's nearly impossible to deliver a rich desktop experience while keeping your costs in check.

With IntelliStack solutions, you get everything you need to deliver consistently high performance and drive down the costs for your virtual-desktop environment. They are available in multiple configurations, so you can support any type of desktop profile and any size of environment.

IntelliStack solutions for VDI include:

Consistently High Performance

The mark of success for VDI deployments is largely determined by end-user satisfaction. Users expect response times in a VDI environment to be on par with dedicated desktop and laptop computers. The Cisco UCS provides a high-performance, low-latency network and compute platform. Tegile storage is architected to deliver high I/O throughput and IOPS for virtualized environments. The joint IntelliStack solution gives you the performance you need to deliver a virtual-desktop experience that matches or exceeds user expectations.

Storage space saved after inline compression and deduplication in VDI environment using Tegile Intelligent Flash Array
Storage space saved after inline compression and deduplication in VDI environment using Tegile Intelligent Flash Array

Spend Less Per Virtual Desktop

IntelliStack solutions leverage Tegile Intelligent Flash Storage Arrays, which are engineered for storage efficiency. Make the most out of your storage capacity with thin provisioning. Thin-provisioned LUNs automatically allocate physical storage as data is being written. Any space that's been allocated but hasn't been consumed remains available for other virtual desktops and applications.

Tegile arrays also use inline compression and deduplication, which can shrink the storage footprint by up to 90% in VDI environments. Redundant data and OS images are reduced to a single instance and stored in flash. That means hundreds or thousands of desktops can be shrunk down to one single boot image.

High Density

The IntelliStack solutions have been designed to achieve the highest density possible. The high compute, memory, and network capacity provided by Cisco UCS enables you to run a higher number of virtual desktops in a very compact footprint with fewer physical components. The reduced number of components enabled by Cisco UCS and the efficient use of storage provided by Tegile arrays enable you to save on power, cooling and rack space.

Consolidate Applications in a Single Rack

Get an even greater return on your investment by consolidating workloads. The Cisco UCS and Tegile storage included in the IntelliStack solutions support both block-level (iSCSI and Fibre Channel) and file-level (CIFS and NFS) protocols, enabling you to deploy desktop images using NFS, iSCSI or FC, while file shares for Windows and Linux users can be provisioned using CIFS and NFS on the same solution stack.

Consolidate Applications in a Single Rack

High Availability

The IntelliStack solution was designed with redundant components and no single points of failure. Both the Cisco UCS and Tegile storage provide proactive monitoring and alerts. Tegile storage is fully redundant with no single point of failure and dual active/active controllers to protect your investment. It also comes integrated with a rich set of RAID options, snapshots, cloning and remote replication features for increased data availability. The overall solution enables a VMware View deployment with fewer disruptions to end-users.

High Availability

VMware Ready Built For Virtualization

Tegile storage comes VMware Ready and takes advantage of VAAI to minimize I/O on the storage network and hypervisor host. Tegile also includes a vCenter plug-in, enabling you to provision datastores, manage snapshots and restores, and monitor I/O status, space usage and latency from within vCenter.

What's more, you have the flexibility to deploy VMs using both VMFS (iSCSI and FC) and NFS datastores—whichever meets your needs and preferences.

Download the Tegile IntelliStack for VDI Datasheet (PDF).